Shawnna Rule

Shawnna Rule , 6 days ago

April 3, 2020

Parents and Students,

On March 27th, the Illinois State Board of Education communicated information to all school districts pertaining to the development of Remote Learning plans. Midwest Central values all students as learners. After reviewing the details of this document, please contact your child’s principal if you have any questions.

Remote Learning Rationale
Remote Learning is designed to:
• Maximize student learning in a challenging situation.
• Promote instruction focused on Core Content
• Communicate a commitment to our high educational standards through regular and meaningful contact with each student and/or family.
• Promote independence and responsibility for our students as learners.
• Promote flexible learning in a family-friendly manner.
• Model technology use in the digital age.

Core Content
For the purposes of this document, Core Content refers to the standards that are most significant for student success in subsequent years. Core Content must be aligned to state standards. Teachers will work in collaboration to determine Core Content.

Family-Friendly Instruction
For the purposes of this document, Family-Friendly Instruction means:
• Flexible due dates.
• Flexible ways for students to work on mastering and demonstrating mastery of Core Content .
• Clear, consistent and reliable ways for students and parents to receive support from teachers.

Starting April 13 and continuing through the end of the remote learning period, Midwest Central weekly schedule will be:
• Every two weeks students will be provided learning packets to complete. The first packet pick up will be Monday, April 13th.
• Packets will need to be picked up at your student’s respective school.
• Packets will be available for pick up from 6am – Noon Monday, April 13th and Noon – 6pm on Tuesday, April 14th.
• Please return the 1st packet with completed work when you pick up the 2nd packet.
• Monday, Wednesday, and Friday meals will continue to be provided either by pick up or delivery by bus.
Student Attendance
No formal reporting of attendance is required during this time, but teachers will keep track of which students are engaged in the process and how often each student is involved, based on student responses.

Teachers will continue to grade student work that is turned in and will assign grades to work as normal.

Dr. Todd Hellrigel

Don Lazarz

Don Lazarz , 6 days ago

Midwest Central has transitioned to a NEW website and app! It provides better access to content and enables us to keep you more informed. Download the app on Android: or iPhone:

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Don Lazarz

Don Lazarz , 20 days ago

UPDATED BUS ROUTES for next week! The new schedules reflect additions and subtractions from this week's routes so that we can make deliveries and times more accurate! Phone calls are being made to inform every student/family requesting meals.

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Don Lazarz

Don Lazarz , 21 days ago

Thanks to everyone for being patient as we completed distribution of food and learning packets Wednesday!
We will continue meal deliveries/pickup using bus routes and buildings on Friday -20th, Monday - 23rd, Wednesday -25th, Friday-27th, and Monday -30th.
ROUTES: Buses were running 30-40 minutes faster than the time we distributed. Please be on the lookout for an early arrival, as we expect this trend to continue, and note the arrival time the next drop off.
PICKUP: Buildings will operate pickup from 10 AM to 12 PM (with exceptions as necessary).

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Shawnna Rule

Shawnna Rule , 21 days ago

Any High School student who is currently taking an online ICC class needs to make sure you are keeping up with what ICC is requiring. The online classes are still continuing so please don’t fall behind in your work.

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